The public inquiry into what has become known as the ‘Spy Cops’ scandal was first announced in 2014. It is still ongoing. You can read more about targeted undercover operations to infiltrate mainly left-wing and progressive political groups between 1968 and 2010 here.

It’s a new subject for drama productions to tacks, and the story has been dramatized in various mediums, most notably Sherwood, starring David Morrissey. The campaigns for justice, led by the women who were victims of the deceit, were disappointed to find Sherwood similar to other approaches, in the sense that the narratives in these stories focus on the police officers and the turmoil they endured. Rarely, if ever, do we see things from the point of view of the people who were deceived and whose lives were forever destroyed when the truth eventually came out.

My new eBook (available to buy online) is set in the post-‘spy-cops’ present where the ramifications of the widespread, and almost shadowy operations, are keenly felt. The story explores the possibility that left-leaning political groups, including entrepreneurs in the green economy, and environmental activists close ranks, and begin to view ‘outsiders’ with suspicion. The title of this piece is a bit of a misnomer because under cover operations are still taking place, the shadow of betrayal hangs ominously above.

None of the characters in my story had their lives ruined by the undercover police operations, but all of the characters in the book are affected by it, to different degrees. My Latest eBook is now available to buy here

An eco-thriller for the 21st century!

When ‘Jim’ got on the wrong boat after a booze cruise, he never dreamed it would cost him his new job. Never dreamed his white-collar life would be forever changed by forging friendships with environmental activists. He never dreamed he’d meet the girl of his dreams or given the peculiar nickname ‘Morrison’s Ghost’. And he never dreamed he’d be on the run from a private detective, bent cops and shady government organizations – all for an invention they don’t want you to know about.

From a drug farm in Inverness to a disused mine in Warwickshire, Jim – along with his girlfriend Serendipity and his best friend, Wedge – must stay one step ahead. But who can be trusted? How much does celebrity activist the Taff know? Was innocent music fan Andy really tortured to death? And can Jim deal with an agonizing revelation about the love of his life?

Morrison’s Ghost – the story of what happens when miraculous invention collides with environmental activism and the highest powers in the land. Buy Morrison’s Ghost here for $2.29 (USD) here (opens new window)

If you enjoy poems with a fantastical flavour then why not take a look at my first eBook, Tales From the Lost Gateway to Annwn. Available to by for just $1.89 USB

Heavy with a great burden, King Arthur ponders the future of his kingdom and the potency of his legacy. When Merlin speaks of realms beyond, of Annwn and portals to Otherworlds, the King spies the chance of lasting notoriety.

A forgotten chapter of the Legend is revealed in a collection of original poems and prose – available to buy here



No Script for is independent and free to access. Copyright Martin Gregory 2022


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