I’m a big fan of Doctor Who but I haven’t attempted to write my own story for decades. That hasn’t stopped me dabbling and just generally being silly, though.


Several years ago I interviewed Dalek unit 004, known to many in the acting profession as ‘Dave the Dalek’

dalek trailer PART ONE

Dave talks candidly about his early Doctor Who appearances and tells us what it’s like dealing with super stardom during the swinging sixties.

Down and out in soho PART TWO

Dave struggles to cope with his dwindling celebrity, and his increasing reliance on alchohol. Will the next wave of Dalek mania save him? Read about the untold story of a Doctor Who veteran and his untimely end in the final part of this exclusive interview.


Last year one of my stories was selected for the very first Lethbrdge-Stewart short story collection, an anthology of tales featuring the long running character from the classic years of Doctor Who. I submitted two stories…this is the one that didn’t make the cut.

Presented in full over two installments.

Lethbridge-stewart 1 Lethbridge Stewart Short Story – Wrestling with Shadows Part One

Did an intelligence agent posing as a wrestler just have an accident in the ring, or was somebody on to him? The fearsome wrestler known as The Colonel, and his lovely valet Miss Travers must can find out.

Lethbridge-stewart 2 Lethbridge Stewart Short Story – Wrestling with Shadows Part Two

The only way to find out what happened to the Colonel’s predecessor is for Lethbridge-Stewart to put himself in the same situation. Trouble is, he could end up paralyzed, or dead.

(I believe the first Short Story collection is now out of print, though I still have copies available. Please email martygv1@aol.com for more information)


The audio blog found on the Daily Audio page has reviewed two Doctor Who stories produced by BIg Finish.

BANG BANG A BOOM        starring Sylvester Mccoy and Bonnie Langford

MEDICINAL PURPOSES    starring Colin Baker, Maggie Staples and Leslie Phillips


DW2   The 1st Female Doctor Who – a Moderate Fan’s View

One cannot call oneself a fan without having an opinion, and as Doctor Who prepared for perhaps the most momentous changes in it’s 55-year history, I couldn’t help but share mine.