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It’s a cruel world

Where the charity worker dies of hunger
Where the selfish prosper
And the unkind live out rich, full lives

It’s a cruel world

It’s a crazy world
Where the incompetent wield power
Where the undeserving get it all
And the fat are given the means to get fatter
It’s a crazy world

It’s a lonely world
Where the gentle spend nights alone
Where the fragile are broken
And their lonesome cries for help are never heard
It’s a lonely world

It’s an imperfect world
With its injustices and cruelty brought upon just people
Where people commit crimes against nature
And governments engender blissful ignorance
It’s an imperfect world

It’s a dying world

Fish, birds, mammals and plants; going or gone
Honour, chivalry, truth; going to be gone
Love on probation. Respect at a price.
It’s a dying world.

It’s a broken world
Where a life of work is rewarded with hardship
Where the good die young
And the old forget that life is for living
It’s a broken world

It’s a telling world
Where the bets are off
Where the truth is buried
And the gamble gets you in
It’s a telling world

It’s cruel
It’s crazy
It’s lonely, imperfect and dying
It’s broken and telling
Its a world without care, without loyalty and without compassion.
It’s a world where the decent decays
And where evil will always flourish.

The mother cradling her still born child
The husband patting the coffin before his wife is laid to rest
The sister missing her sibling who fought for so long against her illness.
And the father who will never know what became of his daughter

Yet there is light outside the darkness
There is kindness somewhere among hate
And there is a gentle hand waiting to take yours

It’s a cruel world
But if you’re lucky, you won’t find it so.


by Martin Gregory

Dedicated to Helen.




Maintain resentment and ill will
It isn’t for attention, it’s the real deal

You were wronged and were hurt
From that wound, blood continues to spurt

You held up warnings that were ignored
You raised your voice and were not heard.

What choice was there but to bear this grudge
Now, upon the high ground, you will not budge

Declare this their mistake and their loss
But what is the toll, what is the cost?

Every breath and every beat
Is everything now just bitter sweet?

What was the point? What was the goal?
Is this the way things will always roll?

You have forgotten but cannot forgive
From now ‘till then, is this how we must live?

Is this silence preferable to the pain?
I wonder if you ever speak my name

Do you regret or do you not think?
From the truth, you’ll forever shrink

Bitterness will poison your pretty well
Trap you in an everlasting hell

But today can be the day for thee
Turn back time, set yourself free

Take a stand and make a call
Or by your righteousness you must surely fall.


By Martin Gregory


Copyright Martin Gregory 2021 2021