Everyday a song floats to the surface of my brain to create that day’s ear worm. Some days I’m humming a tune I can easily trace it back to something I heard in the last week. but other days, it might be something truly random I haven’t heard for years that gets stuck in my head. Every day I will reveal the latest ear worm to plague. So here it is – for your amusement – Brainbox Jukebox.

22nd OCTOBER 2022: Bret Hart’s WWE Entrance Music (Jim Johnston)

I honestly have no idea why I have wrestling legend Bret “Hitman” Hart’s WWE entrance music in my head today. The “Excellence of Execution” had a long career in WWE, the perennial wrestling league, but his theme tune remained more or less the same throughout. Like The Undertaker, Hart’s entrance music underwent slight tweaks and changes to the tempo, but more or less the same for four decades. My ear worm today is very specific, it is “Hart Attack”, the version used from 1994-97, that is going round my head today – the version with that awesome drawn out squeal from the electric guitar at the beginning. Like most of the entrance music from the era (and far beyond) Hart’s entrance music was written by Jim Johnston. If unsung musical genii are your thing then he has an enormous back catalog to enjoy, and you could do far worse than click the link and start with this rocking tune You Tube link to song

21st OCTOBER 2022: Jerusalem

Even by my own batshit standards this is kind of strange. Perfectly normal for an Englishman to have this song going ’round his head, you might think. Though I am a patriot, I’m not exactly the embodiment of national pride (a quick glance at news headlines in the UK will quickly reveal why). So why am I humming this today (“na, na-na-na, England’s green a pleasant land”). Except I live Wales, so I am getting some funny looks. I think I watched something the other day and Jerusalem was played over the end credits in a kind of funny / ironic way… I can’t remember why. So, an appeal to Old Spongey: Something more conventional tomorrow – please! You Tube link to song

19th October 2022: Led Zeppelin – In my Time of Dying

Why??? I haven’t listened to Led Zep for at least two weeks and yet here it is going round my head, a lovely bit of 70’s rock played over and over – specifically that grinding, winding guitar of Jimmy Page. You Tube link to song

18th October 2022: Blues Travellers – Secret Agent Man

It’s easy to explain today’s ear worm. I  came across the mp3 file of thid on my hard drive the other day, and though I didn’t play the song, I remember it well enough for it’s Mission Impossible musical stylings for it to get in my head. Then of course there are the lyrics delivered in a very ‘rawk n roll’ way “secret ah-gent ma-in.” The song’s been giving me it’s number all day and it sure knows my name! YouTube link to song.

17th October 2022: Alter Bridge – Rise to Today

This got stuck in my head after listening to an old playlist of mine. The title song from AB’s first album is a rocky number, tinged with a kind of hopeful melancholy. It has a deceptively simple arrangement, with a hint of Nu Metal about it. Awesomes. YouTube link to song

16th October 2022: “The Pizza Hut Song”

This is a children’s song, often heard in playgrounds. I don’t have children – or eat from fast food chains very often, so I really have no idea why it’s in my head today.  McDonald’s, McDonalds / Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.  I think I’d prefer a Dominos. YouTube link to Fast Food Rockers version of the song

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15th October 2022: The Killers – Somebody Told Me

It feels like there are actual hills that are older than this song. Another slice of randomicity, I really have no idea where ‘Old Spongey’ dredged this up from. The lyrics elude me, however, so I’m just humming this one today. YouTube link to song

14th October 2022: Annihilator – Set The World on Fire

The intro to this song by thrash metal veterans Annihilator has an intro with such a hefty and distinctive repetitive beat, it’s almost an ear worm in itself. But then the lyrics begin and the beat builds to a crescendo. “Fire! / Fire! / Fire!” It isn’t the band’s finest three minutes but it is today’s earworm, for better or worse. YouTube link to song

13th October 2022: Theme from Rosie and Jim

Rosie and Jim / Rosie and Jim / Chugging along on the old Ragdoll.

Rosie and Jim were wollen puppets who lived on a canal boat called the Ragdoll, and would come to life whenever their owner wasn’t looking and have adventures. If you’ve never seen this charming children’s series, the link is here for you, but be warned – I am not enjoying today’s ear worm. “Rosie and Jim / Rosie and Jim”. Please, God, make it stop! YouTube link to song

16th October 2022: Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

On a good day, yeah I’m up for a bit of Journey. Classic and accessible. It’s a pity it couldn’t be something more obscure, you know so I could sound a little bit cooler about today’s ear worm. Roll on tomorrow! YouTube link to song

12th October 2022: Bix Beiderbecke – At the Jazz Band Ball

There’s always a bit of my soul waiting to be set alight by a good bit of straight blowing jazz. But here’s Bix himself, that master of old school jazz, almost challenging you not to try and hum along. ‘Old Spongey’ finds the cool today, man! YouTube link to song

11th October 2022: Simon and Garfunkel – Keep the Customer Satisfied

I don’t know what to make of the lyrics of this ditty from the classic song writing duo, but boy oh boy has it got a great, catchy little tune. Half humming and half singing, this is a welcome song for sunny day such as this. YouTube link to songhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YNsZLtzF18

10th October 2022: Dio – Caught in the Middle

Oh Ronnie James Dio. Was there ever a more surprising figure in all of rock? Diminutive but with the lungs of a brontosaurus. What a talent he was. This song is from the seminal Holy Diver album – the biggest collection of ear worms you’ll ever find in one place, and that’s before you get to Rainbow in the Dark. YouTube link to song

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