Blogging hell!

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I’m discovering a whole medium -blogging. Now, I’ve said before No Script for Life is not your traditional blog, with as much fiction as opinion. I’ve also related my desire to let ideas drive post entries and to blog about aspects of life via fictional constructs.

I am somebody who is entirely opposed to technology changing our lives, without even asking us, so I never considered blogging to be real writing. I was wrong, however and am currently enjoying reading more blogs than I write. The medium of blogging, if I can call it that, has surprised me by the opportunities it allows me, even when I’m sharing some of my fictional work. For example, I never considered the possibility of being able to illustrate my work when posting in blog form. I didn’t catch on at first because I was (and to an extent, still am) discovering all this anew, but being able to use pictures, photos, art or whatever seem to give my fiction an extra, exciting element.

As I reader,  I always try to remember the sometimes painstaking work that goes into writing an entertaining blog article, especially if I’m being critical.  When I’m the one that’s blogging or presenting something fictional, it’s me that’s doing the all the work and I try to remember other writers have probably, like me, had their blog or fiction in their lives for much, much longer than the reader, long enough to get sick of the sight of it, sometimes (or is that just me??) By the time you read it, I’ve tired of it and moved onto the next post thing. Is this why I enjoy illustrating my blogs? Is the added dimension mainly for my benefit? I can’t quite work that one out.

Having a space for my fiction has also allowed me freedom to develop ideas in ways that I didn’t expect. The Gateway to Annwn series is a mixture of new material, stuff cribbed from my unpublished novel, and things that have existed in isolation for a while. To pull them together into one collection with an identifiable image linking them, is very, very exciting for me.

Another aspect of blogging, at least in the way in which I choose to do it, is visualising my short story, or opinion piece in one potent, attractive and click-able image. It’s a challenge, and I don’t mind admitting that finding the correct image or font can be just as time consuming as the actual writing. The results are usually worth it, though.

Lately I’ve been a bit stuck for fresh ideas. Mostly this is because I have a lot going on in my private life, but also because my brain isn’t being stimulated. I’ve fed it with lots of intriguing stuff but none of it has really captured my imagination. I will write more about city living versus country living and how this affects my quality and quantity of my output. Once I’ve digested the difference, I will blog about them because I don’t remember reading about anyone who was similarly affected.

For now, though, this blog will continue to be a mix of orphaned fiction and opinion presented in as many interesting forms as I can think of. I hope you will continue to log onto to this site, and I hope to post more regularly in future.


In a further departure from the norm, tomorrow I will present a piece of extremely personal writing, see light here for the very first time. Tomorrow, there will be no allusion, no illusion and nothing fancy, just plain speak and plain honesty about me, Martin Gregory.


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