In the 2000’s Cahoeed and Cambria were described by the music press as ‘the next Led Zeppelin’. Wow… Do they still write such silly things?

With their heavy prog metal epics, Coheed are a stylistic force to be reckoned with. Though the albums from the band’s albums known for their sprawling narratives, I was never that good at following them really, there are about ten songs (2006’s The Suffering, in particular) I have always re-played and enjoyed over the years.

My ear worm today is Welcome Home from 2006’s Coheed and Cambria IV. In 2012, the song was used by WWE for their NXT wrestling show. I’m doing a bit of a WWE watch-through and, at the moment, and currently block-watching episodes of NXT from that period. Though NXT uses just the instrumental parts of the song, I know it well enough to have the tune and lyrics going ’round my head. Welcome.

The link is to the album version of the song, taken from from Coheed and Cambria IV (2005). If you’re unfamiliar with this song, you might find clarity (if not context) in the lyrics.

Coheed and Cambira Welcome Home (opens You Tube page)

Martin Gregory (8 March 2023)

ABOUT BRAINBOX JUKE BOX: I seem to have a head full of tunes, lyrics and beats. Hardly a day goes by without something bubbling to the surface of my brain to become that day’s ‘ear worm’. Some days I might be humming something I heard weeks ago, and usually I can figure out how it got to be playing round and round my head, But sometimes, it’s something truly random – something I might not have heard for years! Brainbox Jukebox is what I call the collection of blog posts I’ve written recalling the recent ear worms. I try to add a little context to the latest tune to plague me, otherwise it just looks like a rather motley playlist!

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Regular visitors to my website will know Anglesey Herman and some of his mercurial adventures. Now they have all been collected together in one amazing volume, with some new brand new tales.

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