21st JANUARY 2023: The Doug Wood Band – Drag Racer (AKA the Snooker Music)

I don’t know what it’s like in the States or Europe, but here in the UK our sports shows have traditionally been opened by music that has become iconic over the years. From the cans and whistles of Test Match Special to the theme from Saturday sports favorite Match of the Day, sports have signature tunes. When the cue sport Snooker was relaunched on British television with a new weekly show in 1976, an equally memorable piece of music was required.

A BBC executive was familiar with the Doug Wood Band, and the song Drag Racer, in particular and so approached the musician about acquiring the rights. Fifty years later, and after many remixes (good and bad!), nothing quite beats the original.

For Snooker fans of a certain vintage this piece of music is synonymous with the charismatic players of the past like Dennis Taylor, Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins, Cliff Thorburn and Steve Davis. For non-Snooker fans this is a classic bit of guitar noodling from an accomplished musician who’s career was much more than just being a footnote in Snooker history. You Tube link to song

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Everyday a song floats to the surface of my brain to create that day’s ear worm. Some days I’m humming a tune I can easily trace it back to something I heard in the last week. but other days, it might be something truly random I haven’t heard for years that gets stuck in my head. I will provide regular updates to reveal the latest earworm to plague me.

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