Four years ago Judd Trump won the World Masters title for the first time. Last week, he repeated the feet. So, now seems a good time to revisit that post and see what’s changed since then.

Since writing the original post (link at the bottom of the page) Judd Trump has won a further 15 ranking titles and regained the Paul Hunter trophy when he won the World Masters for the second time on January 15th.

Arguably, it was winning the masters in 2019 that turbo-charged the ‘Juddernaut’ , taking him to the final of the World championship in May of that year. After a great match against John Higgins, Judd won his first world title and made history in becoming the first snooker player in history to earn £1 million pounds in a single season.

Trump returned the following season to make history again when he won six ranking events in the same season and became only the second player in history to make a hundred century breaks in one season (Neil Robertson was the first).

‘The Ace in the Pack’ was unable to follow such a monumental year with a repeat performance, though the wins kept coming, adding another six ranking titles and a second Masters victory to his expanding collection.

My post from 2019 talks about Judd being the recipient of the seemingly-endless speculation over when he was going to ‘finally achieve his potential’. Reading it back, my joy (and relief) that his Masters win would finally force snooker pundits to play a new tune is quite palpable. I can see I’m wearing my ‘sports writer’ hat, whilst still trying to strike my usual tone for the piece. Looking back at it, I’m quite happy. There certainly isn’t much I’d change.

What will the future hold for Judd Trump? Now Mr ‘Naughty Snooker’, is up among snooker’s elite players, he has the confidence to back up his skills. Still as humble and gracious as ever, success has not gone to his head. Trump remains one of the most entertaining players on the circuit, a charismatic talent and a force to be reckoned with. I hope I get to write about more of Judd’s successes in the future. I have ever confidence there are hundreds of lines still to be written.

The Original Post: Judd Trump – The Perennial ‘Almost Man’ of Snooker

M.A. Gregory

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