21st OCTOBER 2022: Jerusalem

Even by my own batshit standards this is kind of strange. Perfectly normal for an Englishman to have this song going ’round his head, you might think. Though I am a patriot, I’m not exactly the embodiment of national pride (a quick glance at news headlines in the UK will quickly reveal why). So why am I humming this today (“na, na-na-na, England’s green a pleasant land”). Except I live Wales, so I am getting some funny looks. I think I watched something the other day and Jerusalem was played over the end credits in a kind of funny / ironic way… I can’t remember why. So, an appeal to Old Spongey: Something more conventional tomorrow – please! You Tube link to song

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Everyday a song floats to the surface of my brain to create that day’s ear worm. Some days I’m humming a tune I can easily trace it back to something I heard in the last week. but other days, it might be something truly random I haven’t heard for years that gets stuck in my head. Every day I will reveal the latest ear worm to plague me from the day before.

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