Well now you can! Though I would probably prefer a cup of tea or a hot chocolate. But if the mood takes you – click here!

Ah, but why would you want to buy me a drink? You don’t know me. I might be one of those ghastly people who make that dreadful sucking noise whenever I take a sip… But it’s okay – I’m not like that. I’m a quiet drinker!

Let’s get back to your question; Why would you want to buy me a drink? You’re looking at the answer right here. No Script For Life.com is completely editorially independent, and every bit of content is free to access, including our exclusive audios that are available to stream or download for free on the Break Time Audios page.

If you have enjoyed anything at all on the site – whether it’s one of the exclusive short audios, one of my silly stories or a review then do feel free to buy me a hot beverage.

There’s never been a better time to add this site to your bookmarks! The site just celebrated it’s fourth birthday with the launch of a new YouTube channel along with a mini cache of new content.

The site has never been attracting so many visitors on a daily basis. It’s all tremendously exciting and feels like a lot of hard work is beginning to pay off. But never speak too soon – and never say never. There’s always tomorrow, and we never know what tomorrow may bring. You can always tell I’m running out of things to say when I start writing in cliche’!

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A forgotten chapter of the Legend is revealed in a collection of original poems and prose – available on Smashwords

Heavy with a great burden, King Arthur ponders the future of his kingdom and the potency of his legacy. When Merlin speaks of realms beyond, of Annwn and portals to Otherworlds, the King spies the chance of lasting notoriety.

Read the full preview on Smashwords




Don’t forgot to check out the YouTube channel!



There’s loads to read, listen or watch – and all for free! Just open the menu to explore or click on the links below!


BREAK-TIME AUDIOS exclusive and original short stories – audio books ideal for you coffee breakFree to download and stream here


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