My first eBook – Tales From the Lost Gateway to Annwn – is now available to buy on Smashwords! Click here to preview or purchase (redirects to

Arthur Pendragon was not slain by Mordred at the battle of Camlaan but by the Gwyn ap-Nudd, the Fairy King of Annwn. Twenty original poems of varying length tell the tale of this mystical, forgotten chapter of the Legend

Regular followers of this site will know my first ebook has long been in a state of ‘almost ready’ for some considerable time, a gestation period of almost three years, but at last – and as if by magic from the hand of Merlin himself – it is finally available to buy on

Heavy with a great burden, King Arthur ponders the future of his kingdom and the potency of his legacy. When Merlin speaks of realms beyond, of Annwn and portals to Otherworlds, the King spies the chance of lasting notoriety.

King Arthur did not die in battle at Camlaan. He was not slain by his mortal enemy, Mordred. His final days, and the true story of his demise, is far stranger and more frightening than anyone, not even Merlin, could possibly have foretold.

Click here to read the final mystical and forgotten chapter of the Legend in this collection of original prose and poems.


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