I’m always singing about the virtues of spring cleaning. Well, not always, that would make me kind of dull to be around. And I don’t sing about the virtues, either. Not, as such, anyway. But there is a lot to be said for a good old fashioned pre-summer sort out. I’m singing about (all right – writing about it) because not only have I re-organised my website, NoScriptForLife.com but I’ve launched a brand new home page to show visitors what a fantastic variety of stuff there is to choose from.

We’ll soon be coming up to the third (!!!) anniversary of the site, and this Word Press blog, so what better time for a little overhaul and a bit of a polish.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not check out the full website right now. There’s our exclusive brand of short audiosbooks – Break-Time Audio, designed to be enjoyed when you’re on a short break away from work or the computer. We’ve also got short stories featuring a range of original off-the-wall characters and a selection of original, exclusive poems. And that’s not all – NoScriptForLife also offers several ongoing blog strands like Daily Audio where we review and recommend easy-to-find audiobooks. You’ll also find a rich assortment of random stuff as well. There is something for everyone on NoScriptForLife.com

No Script For Life.com is an independent entity where everything is free to enjoy..

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You can read more about NoScriptForLife and what it’s about here

Martin Gregory. 2021


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