Most people know somebody who is a care worker, or knows somebody who needs care from one of these amazing support workers but how much do we really know about what they do?

#1.  Care Workers often work for minimum wage and have to pay for the maintenance of the vehicles they use to reach their clients and patients themselves.

#2. In March 2021 a high court ruling securing minimum wage for social care workers who work overnight was overturned. Carers earn just £62 to be on call for anything up to ten hours overnight in their usual place of work (i.e they are not ‘on call’ at home)


#3. In the UK, support staff in the care sector work in one of the least upwardly mobile careers. There is often little opportunity for promotion in order to earn extra money.

#4. In England and Wales all support staff must be trained up to level 2 to care for vulnerable adults. This is a mandatory government requirement set in law, which means care workers, on top of caring for vulnerable adults in the community, must set aside time every month to keep up with their studies. 

download (1)#6. Care workers are almost universally first aid trained. First aiders are morally bound to administer aid to anyone who needs it, whether this is in the workplace or public or social setting.

#7. Often support staff are assaulted by those in their care. This can range from hair pulling and face slapping to more serious situations. Care workers accept these risks as part of their daily duties and receive no remuneration for damage to personal property such as clothes or belongings. 

#8. During the Coronavirus pandemic, support staff and those they live with have been among the individuals least likely to break lockdown restrictions because they understand playing fast and loose with the government-imposed restrictions could severely harm the health of the vulnerable adults in their care, or worse lead to an uncontrolled Covid-19 outbreak in a care home. Most workers in the care sector have received no remuneration for these sacrifices, and are not provided with additional support that friends and family would normally provide. 

#9. Healthcare professionals often administer important medication to those in their care which can range from emergency injections for diabetics, or a buckle if someone is having a fit.

#10. Under new guidelines many healthcare workers have to perform the lateral test at home 1.5 hours before starting their shift. 


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2 thoughts on “10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Care Workers

  1. I really hope you get a good response from this. I think our care workers work extremely long hours and go above and beyond with their love care and devotion for minimum wage. My heart goes out to all of them and my thanks. I have donated Hope others do too.

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