WELCOME to the blog that reviews and recommends easy-to-find audios. Today we like at comedy farce Timeslip.

TIMESLIP by Waly K Daly

Full cast dramatisation starring Paul Daneman >>> 55 minutes >>> comedy >>> original broadcast 1983

Not be confused (as I was) with Timeslip the cult children’s television programme, this is a comedy about two practical jokers, Paul and Frank who test new technology for new brands of boys’ toys. Or should that be big boys toys? Trouble ensues when head office send a prototype 3D copier to be tested. Being such jokers they copy themselves and send their duplicates home to their wives while they have a night on the town. But their game backfires on them.

There is much hilarity to be had as Daly draws this farcical comedy out over 50 minutes. There are two Pauls and two Franks, and both think each is the original. The only way to tell is after 3 hours when the unstable reproduction s will explode. But before we get that far much fun as the copies fight over the one pair of slippers and jockey over who gets the most casserole at dinner time.

Pity Paul’s poor wife Fay who’s had enough of her husband’s practical jokes and now finds there are two of him to put up with. She announces a permanent headache, until the situation is resolved, whilst Frank’s wife contemplates being bookended in bed by a pair of Franks.

The boys are no better. When they realise their reproductions  are exact copies,  even down to mannerisms and memories they see the four of them dividing their time between work and the golf course, which leads to the funniest line of the play “That’s a lot of golf to give up “.    Of course they soon realise this won’t work when they remember the copies have a inbuilt lifespan (due to the experimental nature of the tech) This is the farce that keeps on giving as the situation deteriorates until they join their wives for a game of bridge (“two husbands each  and we still can’t make a four”). There are some great  jokes, “I had no idea I’d let myself go to seed so much…. My bald patch, that paunch, my shambling gate”.

Timeslip is honest to goodness easy listening.  There’s a small cast of just five players,  each likeable and just the right side of ridiculous. It’s all very middle class and posh accents abound but this is such delightful fun, criticising  of any nature is just bad form. Witty, silly and ever-so-slightly thought provoking. I love a bit of farcical comedy but that goes double for Timeslip.


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