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Does he come down the chimney or use fairy dust? Perhaps he was in your house last night. Did he sneak in during the dead of night? Did he creep about whilst you slept soundly in your bed? But this seasonal intruder isn’t interested in whether you’ve been naughty or nice. He isn’t interested in eating mince pies or leaving presents. This yuletide interloper only has one thing on his mind; he wants to strip your Christmas tree – until it’s completely bare. He is the mysterious Christmas Tree Stripper.

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Life on the beautiful Welsh isle of Anglesey was always too queit for Herman. Whether it’s arguing with B-list celebrities over garden tools, admitting to unusual phobias or trying to stop his stomach from howling like a wolf, it’s fair to say it was lucky escape for the isle of Angelsey.

This ‘Break Time’ Audio was taken from Tall Tales of Anglesey Herman. You can read more by clicking HERE


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