Question – Why are you going along with the lockdown?

Supposition #1 : You have reasonable grounds to suspect our leaders don’t really know what they’re doing

Supposition #2: Your life, your business, your health will be harmed by the lockdown

Conclusion : You are a moron.

Stick with me, here’s why.

You are putting your faith, your livelihood – in fact your whole life into the hands of people you feel pretty certain have no clue what they are doing. That makes no sense. Would you pay an unqualified mechanic to repair your car? Would you let a steamroller over your prized garden because the driver said it might make it look better? So why listen to the politicians, because they are certainly not listening to anyone

They’re not listening to their scientific advisors. They’re not listening to health charities or local councils. They’re not listening to you.

Some things are better closed if we’re to stay safe. Pubs and nightclubs, close them. Keep them closed until next year. It isn’t popular but it’s just good sense, isn’t it? But cafes and restaurants? It’s easy to social distance in these settings where good common sense can prevail without it being dulled and diluted by the consumption of alcohol.
Schools. The politicians don’t know how Covid affects youngsters. They seem to be immune but are they carriers or contagious? Nobody knows. Basically your kid is a laboratory rabbit in a huge national experiment. I wouldn’t have my kid in school, not for shit I wouldn’t.

If you own a shop? Open it. Own a restaurant? Open it. Own a gym, run a place if worship? Open it. Be stringent on distancing regs but open it. Can you afford not to?

If you do not trust your elected leader you need to show them. If you think they’re doing a bad job of managing this pandemic then you need to show them and the only way to do that is to defy them.

Our politicians and leaders have had six months to prepare for second wave. Six months! They got it wring they fudged it and now they’re passing the burden onto you and your family and they are still fudging it. They are still getting it wrong.

Complying with a local lockdown pause – not stop – the spread of the virus but it in the ling run you merely enable governments the freedom to keep getting it wrong without them ever having to feel the force of the failure. By complying with a local lockdown you are telling your leaders that you are okay with how they’ve handled things and giving them carte blanche to get things wrong in the future. Why bother getting test and trace setup or test people at airports if you can just tell people to stay home when the cases and hospital admissions go up?

Then there’s liberty. Freedom. Your liberty and freedom. People talk a lot about Blitz spirit, how we pulled together during the second world war – but that war was fought for freedom, for liberty when it was threatened by Hitler and the Nazis. Your freedom of choice was at stake. That’s why they sat through the Blitz, why people fought and died – to protect their freedom. The same freedom you are giving up quietly, complicity giving up every time a politician with no clue and no plan ir strategy puts you in lockdown. And you dishonour the memories of the people who died by doing so.

Ask yourself does this make sense? Are there holes in these rules? I mean planes from all over the world are coming into UK airports packed with foreigners but there’s no priority there.

Fact: it’s easier for leaders and politicians to simply tell you to stay home than find a real solution. Finding a real solution – namely testing – would involve them engaging with people who actually know what they’re talking about, which they don’t do. It would involve understanding how ordinary people live. Which they don’t do. And it would involve a colossal amount of hard work. Which is alien to politicians and leaders. To them work is sitting around a table eating free food and talking about things they don’t know or care much about. For hours. That isn’t work, it isn’t helpful and crucially it isn’t working!

Supposition: you have read this and still think your politicians and leaders know what they’re doing. If that is the case, then you’re still a bit of a moron.

Nobody is denying the seriousness of the virus but there are better, more effective and far less intrusive ways of dealing with it. It is time for every person to send a message to government, send a message to politicians; get your house in order before you tell me not to leave mine.

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Copyright Martin Gregory 2020


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