So far via, the Total Asshole’s Guide to… Holding a Grudge we have taken a slightly tongue in cheek look at grudges, from the holder’s perspective. Today, our special three part series concludes with a poem specially written for the occasion.


Resent Resentment


Maintain resentment and ill will
It isn’t for attention, it’s the real deal

You were wronged and were hurt
From that wound, blood continues to spurt

You held up warnings that were ignored
You raised your voice and were not heard.

What choice was there but to bear this grudge
Now, upon the high ground, you will not budge

Declare this their mistake and their loss
But what is the toll, what is the cost?

Every breath and every beat
Is everything now just bitter sweet?

What was the point? What was the goal?
Is this the way things will always roll?

You have forgotten but cannot forgive
From now ‘till then, is this how we must live?

Is this silence preferable to the pain?
I wonder if you ever speak my name

Do you regret or do you not think?
From the truth, you’ll forever shrink

Bitterness will poison your pretty well
Trap you in an everlasting hell

But today can be the day for thee
Turn back time, set yourself free

Take a stand and make a call
Or by your righteousness you must surely fall.


That concludes No Script for Life’s special three part series looking at feuds and grudges, however l will publish an addendum to this series, in a few days’ time. As always, thank you for reading.




The Total Asshole’s Guide to… Holiding a Grudge

Resent Resentment

Copyright Martin Gregory 2019


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