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Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? A nice clear out of things gathering dust and then there’s the whole summer to enjoy the much needed space as the warm air circulates a now clutter-free home. Except, for a chronic hoarder like me, spring cleaning is a scary, scary thing.

What do I hoard? Well if I can wear it, read it, watch it, listen to it or play with it – I keep it. I’m famously sentimental – about just about everything, and I’m blessed (or perhaps cursed?) with a long memory, and am often the only one who can remember where a thing came from and how long we’ve had it. My memory is shockingly sad like that. So, when the time came to have a spring clean of this very website, you can imagine I found it harder than swallowing a broom.

So, I’ve not had a spring clean, I’ve had a very thorough sort out instead. Well, semi-thorough. Sort of thorough. Okay, I’ve made a start, but who says spring cleaning needs to be finished in one day? Spring has just sprung, and I’ve only just decided, after much to-ing and fro-ing inside my head ( it’s like riding a bucko bronco in a storm in here!) I’ve finally decided on how to seperate the 50 plus posts I’ve made since I started this site up. In the MENU, you’ll now find some new pages. Let me talk you through them:

WELCOME – An introduction to the site

COLLECTIONS – My various recurring comedy characters have had their adventures conveniently grouped together. It’s probably one of the barmiest pages anywhere on the web.

BLOG – My semi regular blog, all past posts grouped together.

READINGS – This page is soon to be expanded but all the audio readings I’ve so far posted are here.

BLAKE’S 7 – Regular visitors may be aware my partner and I have embarked upon a watchthrough of this classic series, so this is where every episode review will be.

DOCTOR WHO (Related) – There have been half a dozen or more posts roughly related to the worlds of Doctor Who, and you can find them all here – including an exclusive interview with a Dalek called Dave, and a short story featuring Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart in spandex.

There will be more spring cleaning (or should that be spring sorting?) happening in the next few weeks, with the aim of making past posts easy to find.

As for real spring cleaning, with a duster and everything? Well, I don’t really have a fixed abode at the moment so I’ve dodged the bullet this year. Every cloud, eh?

That’s all for this time. Please enjoy the site – and the sunshine!


Maryin Gregory


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