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I’m think I’m struggling to find an audience for my blog because it isn’t very traditional.

I tend not to write these blogs using my usual, normal ‘voice’, mainly because I’ve chosen to provide short stories, poems, etc. from a vast collection of unpublished bits and bobs. I’m trying to find an audience because I do believe I’ve got something worthwhile here. Sure, the bits and pieces presented here have been culled from earlier work, and I’m comfortable admitting I don’t write much that’s new for this blog but that’s mainly because I don’t really consider myself a “blogger”. It’s not that I don’t fancy being a blogger, I guess I’m not sure if I want my personal politics and philosophies to come forth. You’ll hear my opinions on stuff. And really, who’s interested? Aren’t we already awash with people sharing their views in blog form? What can I say that anyone would find more interesting than what’s already out there? This isn’t self-effacing self-censure here, nor am I being deliberately modest. This is just me. Being honest. (Wouldn’t it be more interesting if I was being deliberately modest? With a deliberate motive, an agenda – a sinister agenda, for being modest in this way. Would it be more interesting if I wanted to entice someone to read my blog by being deliberately misleading? Again, there’s so much of the same out there, I’d only be treading the same path). Instead of foisting my views and opinions upon an already overloaded virtual plain, I’m lifting off with ideas.

I’m not against blogging, of course. Considering what I’m doing, that’ be kind of hypocritical, no I think it’s one of the few nice things about the internet and I enjoy reading other people’s blogs but I have one big complaint is that a lot of it can be a bit repetitive. If I’m ever to make a go of this writing lark, it’s quite clear I need to separate myself from the crowd, stand in a small circle and do something a bit different. Writing fiction is very much a game of ideas, typically the people who come up with the best ones usually do quite well.

It’s very common for personal ideas, viewpoints, etcetera, to be presented via fictional constructs. History has shown us the power of seeing the world is reflected in the mirror of fiction. Often there are parallels, yet we see things differently, things we never knew were there. When the reality of our lives is reflected we can see how funny, ridiculous or tragic things really are. And sometimes the images we see staring back at us are very different from the inside view of ourselves. Fiction can be very powerful. Satire and allegory can be more powerful than bare facts or honest opinion.

I don’t need my voice to be heard louder than anyone else’s, and I truly believe one person’s views or opinions aren’t more valid, or interesting than anyone else’s simply because some can articulate theirs in a particular style. My views and opinions aren’t more interesting than anyone else’s – but the way in which you’ll learn them them most certainly is! There are more interesting ways to learn about a person’s thoughts and views than by reading about them.

So, that’s why I’m doing something a bit different. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, philosophies, opinions or views to share, I’m just not quite so “on the nose” about it as some. There are other, more fun ways to disseminate the information.

PS. I am aware of the irony of sharing this opinion in the manner of the derision. I might write a story about it one day.

Love and light.

Martin Gregory


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