Blogging ain’t easy, man.


How hard is writing a blog?

Well, it depends what you’re writing about. When I started this blog I intended to upload an original piece of my own writing every day. Now, I have lots of bits of pieces scattered over the place, in various states of near or non-completion, so what’s the problem?

I haven’t updated this blog since Monday last and really, I’ve had no excuse because I’ve been between jobs for the last two weeks.

For me writing this blog is a learning experience. Can I dust off a bit of writing every day of the week?  Short answer; yes. Will it be presented in a clear and interesting way? Now that bit takes a bit of doing. Writing, is by it’s very nature, a very personal experience and it only becomes less personal when the results are consumed en-masse.  Until that point, it’s just me and the words. Sometimes I hate the words staring back at me. Sometimes, the words dislike intensely the order in which I’ve put them and steadfastly refuse to allow anything to gel into a seamless, satisfying whole.

So what have I learnt by writing this blog so far?

So far I’ve learnt uploading a piece of original writing every day, regardless of whether it’s a poem, short story, or whatever is immensely difficult. But not impossible. As with most things in life, all that’s required is time and will. I’ve also learnt I can rattle off bits like this without so much as a second thought. In the absence of anything meaningful (or in fact anything at all, as has been the case this week!), is it better to waffle for two minutes like I have done here, rather than upload nothing at all, or is it better to let quality rule over quantity?  I guess that’s only a valid question if my quality stuff is actually, well, quality. Either way, I’m going to shut up now.


Words (even the ones that disagree) are copyright Martin Gregory


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